Yohannah Milblade

Wife of Raster Van Milblade


Yohannah is a married woman who is a prostitute by trade. Her husband, Raster Van Milblade, a noble in Fenzor, doesn’t care that she is a prostitute. Yohannah only works for the rich nobility and as a result her husband was able to broker new alliances and agreements with nobles from other cities, towns, and provinces.

Yohannah is a very beautiful woman who was born in a village called Kassern to the southeast of Port City Fenzor . Born to a middle class family as Yohannah Burgan, she grew up gaining favor with men in the village. This attention and favor allowed her to gain some wealth, though she was not considered wealthy. Upon her 22nd birthday, she decided to leave her village and go to the port city of Fenzor. While in Fenzor she stopped at a tavern where the noble of Fenzor happened to stop by as well before making preparations to sign a treaty with the nobility of the Isle of Glannador.

Yohannah was invited to go along with the noble to the meeting and was influential in sealing the deal. Upon their return to Fenzor they were married.

Yohannah Milblade

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