Raster Van Milblade


Raster Van Milblade is a powerful noble who rules over the port city of Fenzor. Raster Van Milblade was born into a very wealthy family and was to be the sole heir to his family’s vast fortune. At the age of 29 he became the head of his family after the death of his father at the hands of a rival noble family. Raster found the assassin responsible and had him put to death, as for the rival family that hired the assassin, he brokered deals and treaties against them and ran their family into the dirt financially and politically.

Raster, while preparing for a trip to seal a treaty with a the Isle of Glannador, Raster went into a tavern and found a woman sitting inside that caught his eye.

He invited the young woman to stay the night with him in his manor. By morning he had found she was so intoxicating to him that he asked her to join him on his diplomatic venture to sign the Isle of Glannador Treaty. The woman agreed and she joined him.

Shortly after the two of them were wed and she moved to his manor in Fenzor. After the events of the Isle of Glannador Treaty, Raster found a great use for his wife as a way to entice other nobles to strike deals with him. Using her as a sexual payment for his diplomatic counterparts, he was able to broker many important alliances and financial treaties.

Currently at the age of 43, he is recognized all throughout the continent of Handorahson as being an influential figure. Prideful yet reserved he has amassed a vast fortune even greater than his father’s. He is known as “The Merchants Noble” for his securing of treaties regarding merchant trade in several key cities across the continent.

Raster Van Milblade

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