Major city on the Isle of Glannador. This major city was a royal city for the nobility of the island. This city was home to a vast wealth of island trade and a center for education and finer arts.

The was destroyed by a large storm which killed several nobles and their families as well as many citizens of the city. After this storm the remaining nobility felt pressure from the people of the island they governed to ask for help rebuilding the city and getting life back to normal. After several messengers out to port cities in several coasts of every continent, finally a man named Raster Van Milblade responded.

After several meetings with various servants, messengers, and vassals, Raster came to the Isle of Glannador to meet with Eugine Feebaster, the head of the remaining nobility, to negotiate an agreement for help with rebuilding Nannasore. During this trip a young woman accompanied Raster Van Milblade and was influential in brokering a deal.


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