Lost Continent

The “Lost Continent” has been a legend for thousands of years. Many believed it to just be a myth but recently the continent was said to have been seen by sailors out on supply trips and by pirates coming in to port. Even military vessels have reported seeing a new land mass out in the sea.

People have ventured to the continent and haven’t returned. Some believe those who traveled there just decided to stay while others claim they must have met with a horrible fate. Only one thing is certain, the only way to know is to venture there and find out.

The Lost Continent Legend (as handed down by oral tradition):

There is a continent where dragons roam, and ancient kingdoms lay hidden. Treasures of the gods and their temples are spread all throughout the land and the gods bless those who brave the continent in search of their relics. One such relic holds vast power, enough to make a mortal a god. However, such treasures are guarded by ancient spells, the likes of which have not been seen for eons. This continent is from another realm and only appears on this plain once every thousand years. No one knows how long it stays, but one thing is for certain, if you can get there and brave the land and its dangers, you could gain the power and wealth of a god.

Lost Continent

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