Isle of Glannador


An island nation independent of any of the continents. The island has vast natural resources with mountains for mining, great farmland, and lush forests, which has made trade a very profitable business for the Island. The island however has not always had an open trade system as they currently do.

In times past those who lived on the Island needed nothing from the outside world until some a large storm destroyed a portion of the major city Nannasore. Word was sent out to port cities across the seas to ask for any additional help that could be spared to help rebuild the vast city. It was during this time that Raster Van Milblade answered the call but wanted compensation in return.

Over time agreement was struck known as “The Isle of Glannador Treaty”. In time the city was restored and a trade system was set up with the port city of Fenzor.

Isle of Glannador

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