Dross Loman

Bartender of Fenzor


Dross Loman was born in the town of Fenzor. As Dross grew up he had a decent life as a member of a middle class family. As Dross got older he took over the family business as a bartender of the local tavern.

Dross was married for a short time to Sarina Loman but she passed away due to illness only a few years after they had their daughter Maria Loman . Maria is a bar maid at the tavern.

Dross has only one real pet peeve and that is someone disrespecting his daughter. She is all he really has as far as family goes.

Dross lives in an offshoot area of the tavern specifically designated for him and his daughter.

Dross does not consider himself to be a man of good intention or of evil intention, he lives his life and tries to live without worries or problems if possible. He has a base sense or morality but he does not go out of his way to help others or to be overly nice. He will talk to customers and will divulge information, often without a price.

Dross Loman

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