Elven Trader


Corvax is an Elven trader hailing from the city of Rivenspire on the southeastern edge of Handorahson. Corvax is a rather odd elf. His desire is not that of being one with nature or even having any influence of magic or staying in touch with his ancestry. Instead his desire is that of monetary gain. He seeks to only indulge monetary ventures and is always open to new investments, as long as the price is right that is.

Corvax was born in Rivenspire where he spent most of his life until venturing out to the Port City Fenzor around his 100th birthday. His family was upper middle class. His father owned a general goods trading market and at the age of 70 Corvax began taking over the family business after spending some time learning about the natural way of elves. Now currently age 138, Corvax seeks more ambitious monetary gains and is always on the look out for any promising leads. He still runs his own general goods shop but has also expanded into magical items as well, of course that’s only when he has magical items in stock.


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