Captain White Whale

Pirate Captain known by Nolan Norryan


Pirate captain of the Unholy Mistress ship. Known as a cut throat, murderous, merciless pirate, he has earned those labels after many of the incidence he has caused in many port towns on most of the continents. He is not one to shy away from adventure or danger and is often one of the first to rush into a battle.

He is not only a skilled pirate captain but a skilled strategist as well. Often his plans result in his crew being able to plunder large mounts of treasure. In the times where there has been a battle from a naval ship, captain White Whale has proven the strength and loyalty of his crew and ship and the strength of his leadership.

The captain is not without his flaws as he does enjoy drinking and women. His lust for drink and love has often gotten him in some rough situations of which he usually finds a way to slay his way out of.

His history and personal information eludes even his first mate who has never really pried too deep into his captains personal life.

Captain White Whale

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